Pediatric Dentist of Westwood Helps Children to Radiate Confidence

  •   June 24, 2021
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Pediatric Dentist Westwood California helps children radiate confidence

Are you in love with your child’s radiant smile? Our pediatric dentist Westwood ensures that your child will radiate confidence and happiness with his/her smiles for years to come.

The secret to a lifetime of good oral health is to give your young ones the right oral education from the start. It is important for parents to instill enthusiasm and information about the necessity of dental hygiene so that it prevents costly and painful teeth issues in the future.

We know dental procedures can seem scary to children and your little ones may not be reluctant, even scared to visit the dentist. Our children’s dentist in California puts all the young visitors at ease from their first visit. After visiting our family dentist Westwood, California, your child will never feel fearful or unwilling to go for a dental checkup again.

Why You Must Visit Our Pediatric Dentist in Westwood, California

Children have the purest and most radiant smiles in the world, but as they grow up, their pearly white teeth tend to lose shine and luster. Dr. Guillen is our family dentist in Westwood, and he ensures that every young visitor that comes to him learns how to develop healthy oral habits.

His office beckons to children of all ages, with its inviting and warm atmosphere. As soon as your child steps in, he/she will never hesitate coming to Dr. Guillen again for a thorough dental checkup. Our expert dentist educates not only children but parents in the proper manner of caring for their beautiful teeth.

He understands how maintaining a healthy smile from a young age prevents a lot of costly and expensive teeth repairs later. Our friendly dentist ensures that all the children who come to him leave educated on the important of dental care.

In his practice, Dr. Guillen prioritizes two things:

  1. He encourages parents to ensure their children brush and floss their teeth well daily
  2. He strives to identify even the smallest issue of every visitor so that it does not become a major problem later. This saves children from painful procedures in future and parents the expense.

Our organization understands how many burdens parents have to cope with. From financial struggles, hectic schedules to insurance issues, there’s a lot of pressure they have to deal with. In addition to all that, if there is any misconception about procedures and treatments, it can further mislead distraught parents.

Our children’s dentist at Westwood Village Smiles ensures that parents never have to struggle with their children’s dental health. We also do our best to make sure your child’s smile remains beautiful and radiant forever.

How often Should You Bring them to Our Family Westwood Dentist?

Children can be at high risk of orthodontic problems and tooth decay. Hence, we recommend scheduling at least two checkups in a year for your children at Westwood Village Smiles.

A routine checkup at least twice a year will help us catch any disfiguring orthodontic issues and tooth decay problems in the early stages. Our expert dentists will fix any issues before they worsen or become more painful for your little ones.

We have a competent, friendly, and supportive team along with Dr. Guillen at Westwood Village Smiles. Our Dentist promises to be your reliable partner in ensuring a lifetime of robust dental health.

How Your Child Will Benefit with Dental Checkups

By enlisting the help of a competent and highly reputable children’s dentist, you reduce the risks of costly developments. Let’s look at some of the top reasons for scheduling routine checkups with our family dentist Westwood, California.

1.     Arms Children with Confidence

To this day children tend to develop misconceptions and needless fear over the prospect of visiting dentists. Perhaps it is the lack of effort on the parents’ part helping their children become accustomed to visiting a dentist early on.

When you bring your children to a dentist from an early age, you accomplish two major benefits. First, you successfully avoid major oral problems in the future. Secondly, your child/children lose their inhibition, fear and anxiety of visiting dentists.

When children see from a young age that dentists are friendly, supportive and helpful, they quickly lose their fear of dental checkups.

2.     Catches Problematic Future Problems Early

Our Westwood Dentist has a meticulous practice of keeping every child’s dental development on record. With these records we are able to plan necessary treatment for your child in advance. This helps reduce the likelihood of braces, other orthodontic devices and major oral surgeries in future.

For accurate information, our staff compiles a record of x-ray scans and reports on teeth development below the gum line. The scans help the Dentist spot cavities that can often be invisible to human eye.

3.     Cost Efficient in the Long Term

On average, you spend approximately $65 when you visit our family dentist, Westwood. Fixing major problems in the future when you don’t follow routine checkups can cost an additional $400.

It is clear to see the savings by getting regular checkups. In fact, most of the dental insurance policies also partially or completely cover the routine dental visits.

Hence, with routine dental visits, you can gain more than one advantage for yourself and the children.

Final Thoughts

Our pediatric dentist Westwood uses the latest technology to ensure your child’s smile remains confidently radiant. By bringing your little ones to our family dentist Westwood for routine visits, you will ensure healthy teeth and gums and possibly avoid costly treatments in the future.

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