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  •   June 23, 2018
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Best Dentist West Los Angeles

Many of us don’t really think about our teeth all that often. We may brush every day and floss like we’re supposed to, but beyond the annual check-up our oral health often takes a backseat to life, work, and all the other things fighting for our time. Our oral care routines are often performed on “autopilot” and the only time that routine is disrupted is when we have an emergency. (Then it’s almost impossible to find a good emergency dentist in Westwood.) That’s why many of us think we don’t really need the best dentist in Westwood looking out for our oral health. As long as someone looks at our teeth during a cleaning we’re all good for another six months or year, right?


A Single Decision with Lifelong Consequences

Taking care of your smile and protecting your oral health is a serious matter. Having good oral hygiene and correcting minor problems (like cavities) before they become major issues isn’t just about looking good—it’s about your overall health and saving money in the long run.

Poor oral health can affect every aspect of your life. It can impact your well being, your social life and especially your pocket. With such far-reaching implications it’s a wonder that people take so little time when choosing a dentist in Westwood to care for themselves and their families. Most of us fret more over which mechanic to take our car to or which shampoo to use to tame that frizz.

Your dentist is the only medical professional who can help you make life-changing decisions about your oral health and well being. You should trust them as much as your doctor and be as comfortable with them as you are your family physician.

Why choose Westwood Village Smiles when there are so many other options out there? We’re one of the best Yelp reviewed dentists in Westwood and here’s why…


What it Takes to Be the Best Dentist in Westwood

It seems like every dentist claims to be the best – but what really sets Westwood Village Smiles apart from the rest?

Genuine Concern for Patients

It’s not enough for your dentist to simply fix your teeth when you have a problem. Your dentist should be a trusted health provider from day one. They should partner with you for long-term success and to do that they must genuinely care about you (not just your teeth). In addition, they need to understand how your oral health affects almost every aspect of your life. You deserve a dentist who doesn’t just “get you in and out of the chair” but one that will take the time to get to know you, help you learn about the things you can do to enjoy lifelong good oral health, and create a comfortable, welcoming environment in which you feel safe, valued, and heard.

A Commitment to Excellence

It seems like some medical professionals stop growing once they get a diploma. They rely on what they’ve already learned to coast through 30 years of practicing without ever taking the time (or making the effort) to learn new things. That’s unfortunate because your dentist should always be learning, growing, and challenging themselves to become better.

That internal push to be the best leads to a constantly elevated level of client care, innovation in and adoption of new and cutting-edge treatment options, and better results every time.

Expansive Knowledge and Experience

The best dentist in Westwood draws upon an extensive body of real-world experience in order to deliver the best care to every single patient. They are able to apply custom-tailored treatments to fix problems and explain to patients their options.

Good Reviews

Seeing excellent reviews on websites like Yelp and Facebook is a great way to spot a good dentist in Westwood, Ca. When satisfied patients take time out of their day to leave glowing reviews and 5 star ratings it’s because that dentist has gone above and beyond what an average oral healthcare professional normally does. To earn these all-important recommendations, your dentist has deliver the very best care every time and earn a skeptical, fearful, or jaded patient’s trust and admiration. That’s why Westwood Village Smiles values those customer reviews so highly—because they mean so much.


Finding the Best Pediatric Dentist in Westwood Will Save Your Children Years of Hassle

You’ve heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You take your car to the garage for regular oil changes. You back up the contents of your phone to avoid losing your favorite photos. You check traffic before you leave home so you’re not late for work. You do what you can to save yourself time, pain, embarrassment, and money.

It’s time to teach your children the same thing. While it’s never too late to learn good oral hygiene habits, instilling those helpful behaviors in young children is the easiest way to help your kids lead a healthier, happier life.

That’s why finding the best pediatric dentist in Westwood to be your personal guide and “guru” to good oral health is absolutely essential.

• You want a dentist who will treat your children with respect but also “lay down the law” when it comes to oral health. They should be able to help your kids overcome common obstacles to good oral hygiene without scaring them right out of the dentist’s chair.

• You need a professional that has wide-reaching experience in pediatric dental practices like braces and preventative treatments as well as with common childhood issues like over-retained primary teeth. But don’t pick someone who is just going to fix the problem then wait for the next one to appear. You need a dental professional who is proactive and will give you (and your child) the skills and information you need to prevent problems in the first place. Plus, your pediatric dentist should recommend a variety of preventative treatments that you’re comfortable with to help your child’s smile stay healthy.

• You want an inviting, comfortable environment to put your child at ease but you also want a pediatric dentist who won’t send you all over West Los Angeles because they don’t have the expertise or equipment to treat an issue.

Westwood Village Smiles has been helping generations of children learn good practices to keep their mouths healthy and problem-free for decades.


Need an Emergency Dentist West Los Angeles?

No matter how well you take care of your teeth you will inevitably have issues. Maybe your daily coffee has stained your enamel. Maybe your child chipped a tooth at soccer practice. Maybe that old filling is cracked or crown has worked loose.

When life throws you a curve ball, you need immediate service to alleviate pain and the potential for further damage. But finding an emergency dentist in West Los Angeles can be hard. Most offices don’t offer convenient hours, soon-as-same-day appointments, or weekend hours. Westwood Village Smiles does.

In fact, that’s why so many of our satisfied customers visit Yelp to praise their favorite dentist in Westwood, Dr. Guillen. Indeed, our whole team, from the reception crew at the front to the technicians and dentists on duty, do everything they can to get you in as soon as possible when you have an emergency and get you back to normal life quickly.


Get Started Today!

Don’t wait any longer to have the best dental experience of your life. Westwood Village Smiles want’s to show you how pain-free, hassle-free, and comforting finding the right dentist can really be. If you’re looking for the best dentist in Westwood for you, your child, or your whole family, make an appointment for a consultation with Westwood Village Smiles today.

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