UC SHIP Dental Plan = Affordable Care

  •   April 10, 2018
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You’re a young college student out on your own (some of you for the very first time) dealing with work, school, and now it’s your responsibility to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. But if you’re covered under a UC SHIP dental plan, you can get expert oral care without having to worry about a massive bill.

Affordable Care for Students

UC SHIP dental plans were designed with students in mind. These plans were created to bridge the gap between when a young individual is covered by their parents plan and when they are eligible for their own plan (either purchased individually or provided by an employer). That critical period of time is often when students neglect their health and oral hygiene. They often feel they don’t have the time for, don’t think they can afford, or don’t know how to get great care.

That bad habit of ignoring dental care often continues into adulthood and can lead to serious conditions that require much more extensive intervention later.

UC SHIP dental plans provide affordable coverage that helps students pay for routine exams, diagnostic services, and basic (as well as more complex) dental procedures.

Signing up for UC SHIP dental plans is easy. And handy tools like digital identification cards and online account tracking let you manage your personal health care on the go.

Great Dental Care Without the Big Bill

Most UC SHIP dental plans offer excellent coverage and often go above and beyond what most young patients need. In fact, most routine annual UC SHIP covered dental visits end up costing you nothing out of pocket. And if you do need a little extra work, you may end up only paying 20% or 30% of the entire bill.

But what is really covered?

Screening and Preventative Treatments

These include annual oral exams, cleanings, X-Rays, and fluoride treatments.

These annual preventative and diagnostic treatments are generally 100% covered under your UC SHIP dental plan—meaning you pay nothing out of pocket. They’re also the most effective way to be proactive about your dental health and stop any minor issues from becoming real problems in the future.

Basic Dental Services

Things like fillings, extractions, root canals, minor oral surgeries, and fittings for bite guards are the most common services provided by general dentists. These procedures are often covered up to 80% (after you’ve reached your personal deductible) when you use an in-network UC SHIP dental preferred-provider. That means you pay just 20% of the total cost of your services.

Major Dental Services

And if you need something more like crowns, restoration, implants, or detailed surgical procedures, you can save hundreds of dollars per visit when you use your UC SHIP dental plan. In fact, most of these services are covered up to 70% after meeting your annual deductible.

Finding a Dentist That Accepts Your UC SHIP Dental

To get the most out of your dental benefits, you need to find an in-network service provider who accepts UC SHIP dental plans. If you use (or continue to see) a dentist who is not a preferred provider in the UC SHIP dental network, you’ll end up paying more out of pocket every time you visit the dentist. The cost savings alone are reason enough to find a UC SHIP preferred provider even if that provider is not your current dentist.

But finding a great dentist in your area who accepts UC SHIP dental plans isn’t hard. Dr. Guillen at Westwood Village Smiles is a preferred UC SHIP Dental provider and located right here in Westwood. Just minutes from UCLA, Dr. Guillen’s dentist office is currently accepting new patients.

Why UC SHIP Dental Plans are So Important

Dr. Guillen knows that that timeframe in young adulthood is a critical period when good oral health habits will either continue on from childhood or fade away as students become overwhelmed by competing responsibilities. That’s part of the reason he chose to become a UC SHIP dental provider. Even students should have easy access to affordable dental care to help maintain that happy, healthy smile.

Whether you choose to see Dr. Guillen just while you’re in school or continue to visit Westwood Village Smiles even after you graduate, you’ll get excellent care and professional service in a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Isn’t it time you found out just what your UC SHIP dental plan can do for you?

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